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Should I Rent A Shoulder CPM Machine After Surgery?

Shoulder CPM Machine for rent after surgery

If you have undergone shoulder surgery, you will face many challenges during your recovery, the most serious being debilitating muscle stiffness. To combat this painful condition, your doctor or physical therapist may recommend a rental of shoulder CPM machine (continuous passive motion)  as part of your rehabilitative care. Shoulder CPM machine play in conjunction with Game Ready® ice machine plays an important role in extending and rotating your shoulder joint to encourage strength, flexibility, and blood flow to aid healing.

How Do CPM Machines Help Shoulder Surgery Recovery?

Continuous Passive Motion machines were designed to assist in rehabilitating limbs after a serious injury or surgery. By attaching this medical device to a patient’s shoulder, the CPM machine will move the joint without the user having to exert any muscles.

Letting the shoulder CPM machine do the initial work has helped to prevent complicating conditions like scar tissue and adhesions from forming, which can cause the shoulder to freeze in place.

Using slow and passive motion, patients right out of surgery can begin using these devices while still in their hospital beds. Doctors will typically recommend using CPM machines because:

  • You’ve had rotator cuff or other shoulder surgery
  • Combat painful swelling at the surgical site
  • Prevent inflammation from hurting your range of motion
  • Maintain flexibility of the joint
  • Ease pain while encouraging circulation to aid healing

These important recovery tools are frequently part of physical therapy regimens following surgery to repair injuries to your shoulder. Usage will consistently support your recovery by providing regular exercise and movement to the affected area.

What Are The Benefits Of CPM Machines for Shoulder Recovery?

For over 30 years, continuous passive motion therapy has received supportive clinical trials that have made its use part of the standard practice of care for many orthopedists. As medical technology continues to innovate new ways to apply CPM machines to joint and injury treatments, the benefits of using them after shoulder surgery are more apparent.

If your doctor prescribes one of these helpful therapy machines for you to use after a surgical procedure, you may experience some of the below benefits from its use:

  • Improved shoulder muscle and joint strength
  • Reduce your post-operative pain anxiety when using your shoulder
  • Decrease your pain by eliminating excessive fluid build-up through CPM motions
  • Maintain and improve your shoulder’s range of motion
  • Speed up healing by helping to improve blood flow and delivery of important nutrients to the injury site
  • When used in conjunction with the Game Ready ice machine can help reduce  swelling and inflammation

If you had undergone shoulder surgery, speak to your orthopedic doctor or a physical therapist about the benefits of using a Shoulder CPM machine and Game Ready cold therapy machine after your surgery.

Does Insurance Cover CPM Machine Rental?

Most commercial insurances, including workers’ compensation and no-fault insurance, will cover some or all fees associated with renting a CPM machine. Call (212) 888-7372 today to find out if your medical insurance covers CPM machine rental.

Find a Shoulder CPM Machine Rental Provider Near You

Patients recovering after shoulder, or those scheduled to undergo a procedure, like a repair of their rotator cuff, should consider how a shoulder CPM machine will benefit their healing. This machine makes it possible to immediately start the rehabilitation process after shoulder surgery and prevent complicating conditions like a frozen joint. Talk with your caregiver to learn more about how a continuous passive motion machine can help you.

We, at OrthoPro Services, have helped hundreds of patients to successfully recover from surgery by providing a shoulder CPM rental after their surgery. With over 12 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can count on us to give you the best service you service! Call us today at (212) 888-1212 to learn how shoulder CPM machine can help you with your recovery.


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