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Should I Rent A Shoulder CPM Machine After Surgery?

Shoulder CPM Machine for rent after surgery

If you have undergone shoulder surgery, you will face many challenges during your recovery, the most serious being debilitating muscle stiffness. To combat this painful condition, your doctor or physical therapist may recommend a rental of shoulder CPM machine (continuous passive motion)  as part of your rehabilitative care. Shoulder CPM machine play in conjunction with […]

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Should I Rent a Knee CPM Machine After My Surgery?

Knee CPM for rent in New York

Undergoing a knee surgery to repair longtime wear and tear or an unexpected injury, leaves many with a difficult recovery process. You know that rehabilitative therapy is key to your recovery, but how will you manage the pain and stiffness associated with your procedure? Many patients rent a Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine to fight […]

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CPM Machine Rental in New York [2020]

Continuous Passive Motion machines (or CPM machine) are a popular way to help New Yorkers recover after surgery by helping to safely exercise important joints like the knee and shoulder.  This machine encourages and strengthens by automatically bending and manipulating the points of our bodies in slow, consistent movements. Throughout the years, studies have shown […]

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