Product Videos

Kimmy Fasani's Remarkable ACL Recovery

Pro Snowboarder, Traveler, Biker, Hiker & Adventurer, Kimmy Fasani tells us about her recovery process following her ACL injury.

What is Osteoarthritis - Unloader One

Osteoarthritis is an ongoing condition where the cartilage in the joint gradually breaks down, slowly increasing the pressure on the bone’s sensitive outer layer. The Unloader One knee brace is designed to help treat this condition. It is clinically proven to reduce pain, improve mobility and helping you to be less reliant on pain killers and return to a more active life.

Robbie Maddison and Andre Villa CTi Brace

CTi / Össur team riders Robbie “MADDO” Maddison and Andre Villa practice session / CTI Knee Brace

Bracing for a Marathon

Dr. Fields speaks with Marathon Runner & Allard’s Head of Community Outreach, Beth Deloria about what considerations he made while fitting her ToeOFF® brace. Beth also discusses the changes she made in her gait pattern to enhance her performance & adapt to running with the brace

Assesing the Individual Runner's Bracing Requirements

Dr. Fields discusses some anatomical strengths, weaknesses, & anomalies that were taken into consideration when fitting marathon runner, Beth Deloria’s ToeOFF® carbon fiber AFO.

Medical Knee Scooter Assembly

The Roscoe Medical Knee Scooter is the perfect solution for those who are unable to put weight on their foot or ankle due to an injury/surgery, and is a great alternative to crutches. This video provides details on setting up your Roscoe Medical Knee Scooter.

Medical Knee Scooter - Brake Adjustment Tutorial

A brief tutorial on basic brake adjustment for the Roscoe Knee Scooter. This video demonstrates how to adjust the tension on the hand brake and rear brake assembly. As part of your regular maintenance, we recommend you inspect the brakes prior to each use.

Pronex Cervical Traction

Instructions on the use and benefits of Pronex Cervical Traction Device

Kinetec Knee CPM Introduction

Introduction on the use and benefits of Kinetec Knee CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machine – Post Op Knee Management

Kinetec Performa knee CPM unit -handcontrol use

Introduction on the use of handcontrol unit of Kinetec Performa Knee CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machine

Game Ready : How It Works

Game Ready is the leader in injury treatment and post-operative recovery through active compression and cold technology. Game Ready is different from conventional cold therapy solutions by offering active pneumatic compression from form-fitting anatomic wraps. This unique combination of cold and active compression helps reduce swelling, control edema, and increase blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to injured areas. This mimics body’s natural contractions and encourages an enhanced healing process. This short animation illustrates how.