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Workers’ Compensation

OrthoPro Services, Inc. is a licensed dealer of Durable Medical Equipment, Orthotic & Post-Surgical Supplies in New York City. We serve injured workers in the NY Metropolitan Are. We are conveniently located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, close to all major transportation. We accept coverage under Workers Compensation insurance for most Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Surgical Supplies.

Injured workers who need orthopedic supports like back braces, knee supports, wrist, shoulder and ankle supports can now get them from OrthoPro. We also carry a full line of post-surgical equipment like CPM machines (Continuous Passive Motion) and Cold Therapy (cryotherapy) units including Game Ready cryotherapy units.

Please call our customer service number at 212-888-7372 to verify eligibility and schedule an appointment.

A prescription from a doctor authorized by the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board (NYS WCB) is required for all medical equipment and supplies. To find workers’ compensation doctors you can search NYS WCB database. Prior authorization may be necessary, co-insurance and deductible out-pocket payment may be required at the time of service.