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What To Do For A Pulled Back Muscle At Home

what to do for pulled back muscle at home

Throughout our lifetime, we will almost certainly experience the discomfort of a pulled back muscle. It may come from a traumatic accident or merely twisting the wrong way when playing sports, but the debilitating pain will still be present. Whatever scenario led you to hurt yourself, making a full recovery is a top priority to minimize downtime and start living life again. This process may require supervised care by your physician or using a Game Ready® Ice Machine in the comfort of your own home to ease muscle inflammation.


Symptoms of a Pulled Back Muscle

When it comes to back pain, having a pulled back muscle can leave you immobilized. Visiting your regular physician is best when diagnosing your condition, but there are a few tell-tale symptoms of a strained back.

  • Physical tenderness to the affected area
  • Muscle spasms
  • Inability or difficulty staying upright or walking
  • Specific pain in a part of your back

Treatment is usually conservative for minor muscle pulls, and your doctor will likely allow you to treat yourself at home.

What To Do For Pulled Back Muscle At Home

For the majority of individuals with a back muscle strain, it takes rest over an extended period of time to recover.

Thanks to modern medical technology, there are additional treatment options to help speed up this process and minimize discomfort. One of the more popular at-home remedies is using a Game Ready® Ice Machine. It provides cool compression to the affected site to ease debilitating inflammation and improve blood flow.

Your care provider may recommend some of the following treatment options:

  • Prescription or over-the-counter medication to manage pain
  • Therapeutic massage to help loosen frozen back muscles
  • Use active compression equipment to stimulate natural blood flow and speed healing
  • Apply therapeutic heat to increase muscular flexibility
  • Have you perform back strengthening exercises

Patients that choose to use Game Ready Ice Machines as part of their care find it creates a winning combination of pain relief and therapeutic compression.

Game Ready Cold Therapy Machines Can Relieve Back Pain and Speed Healing

Receiving proper care after pulling a back muscle is critical for the longterm health of your spine and overall health. Game Ready products work to treat muscular strains effectively and provide some of the following benefits:

  • Increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the injured site
  • Speed up recovery of musculoskeletal tissues
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Minimize the debilitating side effects muscular inflammation

Learn More About Game Ready Ice Machines

Revitalize traditional treatment regimens for pulled back muscles by using a product that benefits thousands of patients annually. Game Ready re-engineered the approach to recovery after serious injury for athletes and retirees alike. You should use a Game Ready Ice Machine to maximize your results after straining your supporting back muscles.

The medical technology behind our products has led the way in muscular recovery for over twenty years. We want you to experience a fast recovery that gives you the best results possible for your injury situation. Call us today at (212) 888-7372 to learn more about Game Ready Ice Machine rental and how it can help you recover faster from an injury, accident, or surgery.


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