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Healthcare Professionals

OrthoPro’s medical products can add value to your medical practice by helping you achieve positive patient outcomes.

OrthoPro’s Commitment to You

We can add value to your medical practice by helping you reach positive patient outcomes in today’s challenging healthcare environment. OrthoPro realizes the critical components of a successful physical rehabilitation program include a multi-disciplinary team approach, effective treatment options, and home medical device therapy regimen.

Our emphasis is on extending your clinical plan directly to your patient’s home by providing cost-effective, easy to use therapeutic devices that reinforce your clinical goals on a daily basis. OrthoPro’s professionals instruct your patients on the proper use and function of each device, thus further improving overall compliance.

By incorporating OrthoPro’s medical devices into a successful therapy program, you allow your patients to achieve higher functional levels and ultimately, higher levels of satisfaction for you and your patients.

Some of the Clinical Goals We Help Support:

– Regaining function
– Maintaining clinical goals in between office visits
– Supporting of the injured area and preventing re-injury
– Facilitating healing process following an injury or a surgical procedure
– Maintaining the proper range of motion
– Aiding in relief of pain or discomfort