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For Payors

OrthoPro is Committed to Being a Payor-Focused Provider

Payors are increasingly required to deliver high quality healthcare services in a cost effective manner. OrthoPro is committed to these goals as well and has an established a specialized group of Contract Managers to meet the needs of insurance case managers, managed care providers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs). This team offers the experience and skills necessary to create innovative solutions for the unique needs of our payor customers.

OrthoPro understands what it takes to achieve your goals and delivers:

Commitment to Quality: OrthoPro’s mission is to demonstrate a passion for patient care by improving our customer’s quality of life. We achieve this by providing a full line of products and services which meet our customers’ needs.

Accreditation: Many payors require their contracted providers to maintain full accreditation by Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC). OrthoPro is one of the few select home medical equipment providers that have received BOC accreditation for the provision of orthotics and home therapeutic devices.

Cost Effective Solutions: Our solutions help support clinical goals in the patient’s home, which is the least expensive setting for patient care. Proper use of our products may reduce rates of re-injury and resulting complications as well as help prevent expensive visits to a hospital Emergency Room.

Positive Patient Outcomes: Using our devices in the privacy and convenience of the patient’s homes supports therapy compliance and promotes faster return to pre-injury levels of physical activity.

High Industry Standards: OrthoPro carries products are designed to meet current national and international industry standards which ensures reliability and product safety.

Risk Management: OrthoPro carries full product and professional liability insurance policies designed to manage risk and reduce third-party liabilities.

Privacy & HIPAA Compliance: Many payors and their providers are required to comply with provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). OrthoPro requires its employees to comply with HIPAA and all other laws and regulations that affect our business.