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For B2B and Public Agencies

Our GovEd/B2B program serves schools, hospitals, government agencies, enterprise, and SMBs. Working with over 300+ leading manufacturers, we’re able to deliver cost-effective solutions.

As our GovEd/B2B customer, you will enjoy the benefits of:

Specialized Approach: Our dedicated B2B Team will work with your organization and provide quotes, customer services, order tracking and more.

Quality: Medical equipment and supplies purchased from OrthoPro come only from trusted manufacturers.

Safety: OrhoPro’ products are insured and come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Easy Access: Central sourcing point to quickly access medical products and devices from 300+ leading manufacturers.

Value: We will work with your procurement team to find the most cost-effective solutions for your organization, including secure IT Management Solutions.

Convenience: There are no minimum orders, and most products will ship within 1-2 business days, depending on stock availability.

Please call (212) 888-7372 today to learn more about our GovEd/B2B program.